Best Travel Jobs to Live The Dream [Highly Recomended]

Best Travel Jobs To Live The Dream

Those who love to travel but do not have enough money to travel around the world. So, we are here with another inspiring article for you, that will make you feel excited. While considering all the things, this article will reveal the best possible ways by which one can choose the best travel jobs for them to live the dream life. These jobs will provide you not only money also allows you thrill and adventure while traveling to different places.

Top 22 Best travel jobs that allow you to travel and live the dream life:

1. Travel Vlogger

Work As Travel Vlogger

Travel Vlogger is one of the best thrilling jobs to make money while traveling around the world. They usually go to different places and record their experience by creating videos. Later, they share these videos on social media, or mostly on YouTube, that helps them to earn a good income. Travel Vlogger does not require any specific degree. It only requires a passion for traveling and a camera to shoot the video. Casey Neistat and Hey Nadine are famous travel vlogger on YouTube. If you want to become a YouTuber here are some highly effective tips – Learn How to Grow YouTube Channel.

2. Tour Guide

Tour and Travel Guide Job

Tour Guides provide information to tourists regarding the place they are visiting. They also provide answers to the questions which is in the mind of tourists about the sites. The tour guides also show the routes to the tourists to avoid getting lost. Some Tour Guides work with city touring organizations that take tourists around a city and show them the crucial landmarks for sightseeing. A couple of these visits are performed from a mode of transport, while others by walking. Tour Guides does not require any age criteria. They may vary from youngsters to senior residents, and of any country of origin.

The basic requirements to be a Tour Guide are:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Safety training
  • Leadership Quality
  • Organizational skills
  • Time management skills
  • Research skills 

Tour Guide travel jobs are best for those who have an interest in history. Becoming tour guides are the best jobs to travel and also one of the most rewarding and fascinating ways to live, the dream world, one can study about a country’s culture and history while experiencing your passion for travel with people just like you. Tour Guide mostly takes the tourist to places like Museums, parks, or Historical Sites, while others can take individuals to experience adventures and wild trips like in a safari. These are known as Adventure Tour Guides and they are part of the best touring jobs. They also have some additional capabilities and Qualifications because of the nature of their work field.

3. Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant Job offers you the opportunity to travel to the finest places all over the world, which is the best way to scratch a few spots of your bucket list. A flight attendant is somebody whose primary job is to assure the safety and comfort of travelers during an airline flight. They are part of the cabin crew for the plane, a group of staff who work in a commercial, business, or even military aircraft while traveling through a domestic or international flight. The basic eligibility for the job of Flight Attendant is that candidates must be 18 to 21 years of age and should have extraordinary well being and the capacity to talk obviously. Flight attendants require a Bachelor’s Degree or Secondary school/equivalent with a three-year Diploma.

4. Work on a Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship

There are various job departments available on a cruise ship to an instance, the Deck and Engineering Department, Activity and Shipboard Entertainment Department, Service and Hospitality Management Department, and many more. The best benefit of working on the crew ship that you get paid to travel. It is probably one of the great benefits of working on a cruise ship that you will be able to see new places, can meet new people. Because the crew members are from all over the world, you can meet new people and learn about their cultures. You may even have a foreign roommate, which will help you to gain great experience. The minimum requirement for the job at Crew ship is 18 years old and should have Secondary School Education. Working on a cruise ship is one of the best works to travel to explore sea life.

5. Musician or Disk Jockey(DJ)

Disk Jockey

Musicians and Singers typically do the following: Perform music for live audiences and recordings, while Disk Jockey(DJ) is someone who plays the music you hear on radio stations, internet radio stations, Bars, and Clubs, and even at wedding receptions. They get a big social circle & on-stage persona. These professions are the best job to work for themself, and it provides an opportunity to travel on the cost of the sponsors and organizers. If a person has good singing skills or Musical knowledge than there are high chances of getting popularity and you may get a chance to live the dream life.

6. Blogger


Blogging refers to writing, photography, and other self-published media on their web pages or websites. They conduct research, generate ideas, and compose the post to grab the attention of the readers. Blogger develops engaging posts that will appeal to the target audience and promote the blog using social media, direct email, and other methods to alert and expand readership.

The best thing about blogging is that it gives you the freedom to work from any location, and at any given, time you do not require any office for work. If you love traveling, blogging can help you to go and see the beauty of the world. You can do all these things while still enjoying a decent living from blogging. If you want to start your career in the field of blogging, then there is no need for any specific degree or qualification. You can learn everything from the internet and can start implementing those techniques.

Here are some tips for you to get started:

  1. Select your niche
  2. Decide your domain name
  3. Buy a domain and hosting
  4. Start writing your content and optimize your website for Google rankings.

7. Journalist


A journalist is an individual who works in journalism to report the news. They may work for them self or a newspaper, a radio or television program. There are various types of journalists, whereas a reporter is a kind of journalist who explores, composes, and reports information. Newspaper reporters write articles and stories for newspapers. They create these articles and stories by taking interviews, questioning, and doing the investigation. Though every journalism job is different, many reporters have the chance to travel during their careers – especially international journalists and that is one of the best things. Despite local city, reporters often travel to rural areas for unique stories or news as part of their job. The qualification required to be a journalist is a Graduation also top-notch communication skill is mandatory for being a journalist.

8. Photographer


Photographers are artists with the camera, using a combination of technical abilities and an artistic eye to take photographs of people, places, landscapes, food, you name it. Photographers can work as exceptional artists, wedding and event photographers, or sell their photos to the clients for their business. Photography is one of the best jobs and also the best way to travel while capturing the moments in the camera in the form of images. A photographer can work for themself or the organization to earn money. Being a Nature photographer is one of the best travel jobs to explore the beauty of the earth.

9. Model


A model is a person who poses for artists, photographers, or customers to help advertise a variety of commercial products, including clothing, cosmetics, food, and appliances. Models also work as a fit model, enabling the manufacturer or fashion designer to achieve the best fit according to the new trends. Models pose live at various locations, and traveling is one of the biggest perks of becoming a model. You may get projects that require you to travel domestically or internationally. The company you are working for may also give you a travel allowance and stipend while working. 

The modeling job does not require formal educational credentials to become a model. Specific requirements depend upon the customer, with various jobs requiring different physical appearances. However, most models must be inside sure ranges for height, weight, and clothing size. 

10. Actor


An actor is a person whose job is acting on the stage, in films, or on television. They travel to different places for the video shoot domestic or even a foreign country. The actor does not require any formal education. However, many actors enhance their skills through formal dramatic education.It is hard to have a career in acting. Becoming an actor is not an easy task, and the probability of becoming a failure is quite high. That means if you do not hold control over your choices.

11. Au Pair

Au Pair

An Au Pair is a helper from a different country working for and living as part of, a host family. The main job is to take care of the children and playing with them. As a temporary family member, the Au Pair expected to participate in light housework, to exemplify, folding the Kids clothes, and cleaning the table also receive a monetary allowance for personal use.

These works should be decided and agreed before the Au Pair travels to the host country. Host Families can use the Au Pair contract to make it official which, also may be required at the time of getting a visa. These Au Pair works can become the best travel jobs for the students or for the temporary migrants to earn some more income along with other benefits such as different cultural experience, it also helps to become part of a local family.

12. Marketing or Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Sales managers are responsible for managing sales teams to reach sales targets. However, the Marketing Manager is responsible for leading the advertisement and positioning of a brand or the products and services that a company sells. Sales and Marketing Managers often expected to travel a lot to promote their products to raise the revenue of the company. Some Companies provides extra bonuses such as a company cell phone or a company car, or laptop. Moreover, they get traveling and Diet allowance depending on the amount of travel involved. These jobs are one of the best if you want to earn, good income and status, along with travel benefits. However, these jobs require a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree along with relevant experience of a company. 

13. Pilot

Work As A Pilot to Travel

A pilot is a person who controls the flight of an aircraft by operating its directional flight controls or someone who directs a ship safely through an area of water. Other crew members, like navigators or flight engineers, are also considered as co-pilots because they are involved in operating the aircraft or ship navigation and engine systems. An Aircraft Pilot or a Ship Pilot can travel the world for free. Their job affords them the luxury to travel the world without having to pay a penny for it. Working as a commercial pilot gives the opportunity to visit exotic locations, stay in five-star hotels, and experience the culture and cuisine of various countries. Being a Pilot is not an easy task that requires lots of training and hard work. It requires very high physical and mental fitness standards and complete secondary education (high school) before further training or entrance test.

14. Freelancer


A freelancer is a self-employed person who works on numerous jobs for various clients at the same time. Freelancers usually make money on a per-job basis charges may vary hourly or daily rates for their work.

Freelancers do work such as:

  • Writing
  • Blogging
  • Social media marketing
  • Photography
  • Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design
  • Translation
  • Data Entry
  • Website Development, etc.

Freelancer has freedom over clients and workload. A freelancer has the flexibility that most people dream. If they want to work full-time most of the year or only part-time during the summer, this is totally up to the choice of a freelancer to choose the most suitable time for work. Freelancers can choose to work wherever they want, whether they choose to work in a local coffee shop or while they are on vacation in Europe. They do not have to stick in an office or even at home.

15. Event Planner or Organizer

Work as Event Planner to Travel

Event planners and organizers are the people that plan and organize events such as industry exhibitions, academic conferences, business seminars, and career fairs, product launches, film festivals, fashion shows, and charity fundraising events.
It is the best job option if you have organizing skills. That would be a plus point if you have more public contacts and also have some knowledge of handling functions and events. It also requires a Bachelor’s degree. A successful Event Planner or organizer can get the opportunity to travel on private jets, helicopters, or luxury yachts in glamourous locations.

16. Trading

Trading means active participation in the financial markets as opposed to investing, which suggests a buy-and-hold strategy. Its success relies on the trader’s capability to be gainful over time. A trader is a person in finance, who buys and sells financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, commodities, derivatives, and mutual funds. A trader gets income through portfolio management and research for investors. But it would not be an easy task, as you would have to create a client base before earning a sufficient amount of money. Trading in the market gives freedom to bid from anywhere where an internet connection is available.

17. Magician


A magician is an entertainer who performs magic tricks, sleight-of-hand routines, and card tricks for the amusement of the public at weddings, functions, and public gatherings. Magicians can make money through various ways such as by street shows, through YouTube, or working for Organizers. Some best and Famous Magicians World Has Ever Seen, who traveled to different places to showcase their talent, and amazing skills while doing their jobs.

18. Online Tutor

If you have any particular expertise in any educational field, then you can make money by teaching through online platforms like TutorMe and Chegg Tutors. They offer various subjects, mostly revolving around study and test preparations. It would be great if you are a college student, teacher, or even a professor. With Applications like Cambly and Udemy, the tutoring you will be doing is language-related. These jobs pay per hour, and you can teach multiple classes per week. Teaching online will give you the flexibility to earn money while you are traveling and can also be an additional income to other on-the-road jobs.

19. Truck Driver

Travel as Truck Driver

Truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road, and being a Professional Truck Driver gives the great benefit of all, like the ability to travel all over the country and visit new places. If there is an area of the country you have been longing to see, you can be a professional truck driver. One of the best things about driving a truck is that the scenery changes constantly, and there are usually points of interest on the way. That is an easy way of seeing and doing different things.

Some Trucking companies may offer bonuses for heavy loads carried, or distance traveled. Moreover, they pay high for long-haul drivers. They also pay considerably more for reliable, safe truck drivers because they are exceptional. Some truck drivers can earn more than some college graduates. Another plus point about becoming a Professional Truck Driver is that you are usually guaranteed pay hikes as you add on years of experience which is one of the best things in these jobs along with travel experience.

20. Teach English as a Foreign Language

Becoming an English teacher in a foreign country is particularly easy if you are fluent in English, have a degree, and certifications. If you have your TEFL certification, it will give you a better chance of being hired, and you will earn more money. When you meet foreigners abroad, especially in Southeast Asia, nine times out of ten, they are an English teacher. It is an opportunity to engage yourself in local culture and live in a foreign country for an extended period.  If you do not want to do jobs in schools, you can also teach private English lessons to children or adults.  Finding work as an English teacher is relatively easy, therefore it is one of the best travel jobs out there. Those who have a high interest in teaching as well as traveling than this is one of the best jobs for them. Learn – How To Speak English Fluently

21. Archaeologists and Geologists

Archaeologist Travel Jobs

Geologists and Archaeologists may both travel to different parts of the world. They use devices to perform tests on the earth using maps and tools. Archaeologists study past human activity by excavating, determining, and interpreting objects and sites of historical interest. They implement excavation projects, also known as digs. They preserve archaeological remains and collect data that provides the details of the past. Geologists study the properties of the matters that constitute the earth. Their work can be, utilized to a wide range of practical purposes, such as determining whether a region is at risk of a natural disaster, such as a landslide, or if it can provide natural resources such as oil.

Both Geologists and Archaeologists test materials and prepare detailed reports on their work, but they focus on studying various data for different purposes. Working as an Archaeologist or Geologist may add a lot of stamps in your passport. Fieldwork can take place anywhere around the world – and at any time during the year.

22. Professional Dancer

Professional Dancer Job

A Professional Dancer is a skilled and well-trained in a specific form of dance. They perform a dramatic or musical work for an audience professionally. Some people aim to be a Professional Dancer to do the performance on the stage, theater, shows, at theme parks, and on cruise ships, etc. Dancing is an exciting job career that requires flexibility, passion, and style to represent the emotions, ideas, and stories in a rhythmic atmosphere.

Being a Professional Dancer is one of the best jobs to live the dream life. Travel is one of the best perks of the dance field. Being a professional dancer allows you to visit new places, experience different food, cultures, and meet interesting new people. Many dance troupes get the opportunity to travel interstate or sometimes internationally if they are part of a company. Food and lodging are mostly covered, so you would not need to add these kinds of expenses, which makes it in the list of best travel jobs.

Along with these jobs, there are lots of other options that may provide the opportunity to travel the world. Moreover, one can Become a Politician or Athlete or Sports Player or if a person becomes a famous personality in any area then it would get great opportunities to live the dreams. If you have a dream of being famous then this article would help you and know How To Become Famous?

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