How To Make Money In Stocks [Passive Income Source 2021]

How To Make Money In Stocks - Passive Income Source 2021

Nowadays, we see everyone is talking about investing money here and there. However, every small or big investor likes to invest their money in stocks. But it is not that easy what it looks like. People start investing money in the stock market as a passive income source, but they don’t know how to make money in stocks. There are many reasons behind the failure of making money in the stock market, out of which one is experience. Whenever we hear discussions about different ways to make money in stocks. But first, we must check our expertise in the field and our capabilities in investing the same.

Though every successful investor shows us his returns from stocks, he’ll never show his efforts or tricks behind this. It’s straightforward in investing money, but it is harder to keep our money safe and get some good return. The person needs to be passionate, skillful, and have the patience to invest in stocks. Apart from that, research in recent trends of the market makes it more worthy of returns of our investment. However, today in this article, we will be looking at money-making strategies in the stock market. 

How To Make Money In Stocks – Maximize Your Passive Income Source

Peter Lynch, a globally renowned fund manager. Once he said, “Investing in stockmarket without homework means expecting success just like a poker game, in which you play blindly”. This statement is so true when it comes to making money in the stock market. If you haven’t studied any data regarding its success and growth before investing, it will be tough to get superior rewards. Because if you don’t know any exact idea regarding company turnover and work process. Then expecting a higher outcome isn’t the right way. 

Make Sure You Have Done Complete Homework Before Investing In Stock Market.

Suppose an investor is investing his few amounts in stocks with a proper study. He can undoubtedly tell you about its process and growth in recent times. Apart from that, he can also tell you the approximate profit he can earn through these stocks. It is an important thing when you are scratching your head with a question, how to make money in stocks. It is best to do proper research and analysis, this is the homework and the simple answer to this question.

Before you start investing money in stocks to start a passive income source, you must know ways of making money in the stock market.

Ways To Make Money In Stocks As A Passive Source Of Income

  1. Long Term
  2. Swing trading
  3. Day trading

Each of these ways has its own identity. The outcome from all these three ways varies depending upon the period and funds you are investing in. So to give you a clear idea about this, let’s see them one by one. 

1) Long Term

The investors who have experience of a few years will avoid more long-term funds. Because their outcomes take nearly five-six years, which undoubtedly you won’t love it unless you are planning for retirement life. However, long term funds can be a good source of income for you in your second innings of life. But if you are looking for some short-term investment with good returns. Then indeed the Long term isn’t the right place for you. A long-term investment is suitable for those who plan for future growth of their own. Keeping these funds as one of the assets which they can utilize in the latter part of their lives.

2) Swing Trading

This trading is the best for short term savings. As its name suggests, it is like buying or selling the same fund within a month. Generally, the fund which gives higher returns is more crowded, and people invest more in the same for a passive income source. As you are looking for a short-term investment, competition would be too much. As everyone is hungry there for a good return. However, keeping up to date with recent market news and swinging your trades can make more money for you. Though if you fail to do so, it can be a massive loss for you if you are investing too high in it.

3) Day Trading

It is nothing but swing trading. The only difference here is the period. You have to trade your funds daily, which gives you the flexibility to change your fund’s liability. It can be a good option for a good return if you get comfortable with this process. It is also the best option to invest money for a shorter period but the risk factor in this type of trading is also high.

However, by asking for some expertise regarding the fund’s status and growth. You can get a good return from this type of trading. As we all know, market trends change every day, so this trading gives you a perfect opportunity to invest in something which has a good hold.

Do’s And Don’ts

Don’t Be Part Of Herd Mentality

Usually, people invest in those stocks which were told by their friends, relatives, or some investors. But if you want to make money in trading, always listen to yourself and have a proper analysis of every stock market. Undoubtedly your relatives and friends will suggest you a good one, but the fund you checked on will give you more safety than any other. Despite your good friend telling you lump sum funds, you may end up with heavy losses. 

It will surely demoralize you in case of making money in stocks. Due to this quality, you can assure yourself regarding the fund in which you have invested. Sometimes, people may suggest you sell specific stock due to the excellent outcome you are getting, but rather than doing this donkey work, if you studied that fund/stock well, you can have a good idea behind the scene.  

Invest In Stocks With A Disciplined Approach

It is one of the crucial aspects where each investor gets confused. How to make money in stock isn’t a real question, but how to earn the profit within limited risk is our motto behind this all. It is advised that while investing any money in the stock market, make sure you have a disciplined approach for the same. Market trends may be on the higher side. It can be possible that the stock market may be having some good spike days. But sometimes investors face losses in those periods as well due to inappropriate approaches while investing.

On the other side, some traders also gain high profits in a time when the stock market is going through bad days, and this is due to their efforts while investing with proper and appropriate planning. Thus investing your hard-earned money in a well-disciplined manner is the crucial aspect in all this process.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Control Your Judgment

Keeping control over your emotions is an essential thing to avoid losses in a stock market.

Because greed is the biggest enemy of human beings, and people go behind the easiest ways of making money that results in the most unexpected losses in their life. Sometimes people forget that they are making money in stocks and not in poker. If you take examples of big investors, their control over emotions while investing is noteworthy. They know exactly where to invest and how to invest. Therefore this one is the most crucial part of investors’ life. 

Investing Consistently

It is a crucial factor in making more money in stocks. Making money from the stock market isn’t a one-time investment. However, if you keep on investing money consistently, your returns will grow likewise. Suppose you have chosen one portfolio for your investment, then investing in that portfolio always gives you more amount as your end return. Though some people do it, they invest only once in any of the stocks and take that return at maturity, which gives them lower returns than other people who invest consistently. As we all are familiar with a proverb that ‘drops of water may fill an ocean’. Similarly, consistent investment within your limit may end up you to an amount that you won’t expect while investing in stocks.

Maintain Diverse Portfolio

It will be very beneficial if you invest in different companies and different sectors. Because there may be chances that one of the sectors may undergo some losses, and others may get a huge spike. Suppose you are holding over various sectors, and some of them can get you unexpected hikes in your funds that can undoubtedly cover your losses. It will also lead to a planned investment that can help you in providing some better returns in the end.

While investing in any company, make sure you have some knowledge regarding that company because sometimes blind stocks can cause a big loss. Contrarily, if you are familiar with a business, then you can get an idea that what time this business will grow. So avoiding hurry and maintaining a diverse portfolio will be a good source for a handsome reward. 

Invest With Different Mindset Than The Crowd

Investing with proper research rather than following the crowd, this mentality may help you in getting more returns than other people even you can save yourself from losses. If you follow only others without having your efforts, then it may end up getting general returns or a loss. However, if you create your own path with your hard work, research, and learnings, then you can surely get more returns than other people. Usually, people invest in those stocks, where their known ones have already invested, or the company about which they commonly heard, and this is a common mistake people usually make.

Apart from this, investing your hard-earned money carelessly and without having any knowledge, won’t be a healthy way. If your stocks go through a sudden fall, you may get panic or you may end up losing all your money. Hence investing money after an in-depth analysis of any stocks can be a better way to avoid such rush and losses. However, listening to the advice of other investors doesn’t do any harm, but following others blindly can hurt you more.

Upgrade And Master Your Skills

Making money in a stock market isn’t like playing a game of poker. You must have proper knowledge about stocks and focus on some stock. In stock trading, you must have the capabilities of buying and selling out stocks at a perfect time. Otherwise, you may suffer from the loss. There may be a period where any particular share may have higher values. So, at that time, you can sell that stock and earn handsome returns. But for all these things, you need to master the skills of stock marketing. Because if you don’t have such abilities, then you won’t be able to trade smoothly, which may cause some loss. For upgrading your skills, being in constant touch with market values, it can give you a good idea regarding everything. 

Identify The Type of Investor

It is the first and crucial question one should ask himself before they start their research, that how to make money in stocks. We all are aware of one thing that there are two types of investors, one is Fundamental investors, and the others are spectacular. As their name suggests, fundamental investors do not pay attention to the value of the stock, they check the strengths and basics of the share. We can say, what they do is a complete analysis of that fund. On the contrary, spectacular investors focus more on the money. Their primary aim is to earn more money in a shorter time. However, this can turn sometimes into a big failure. Therefore being the fundamental investor over the spectacular is the best way to earn the perfect profile with calculated risks.

Choose The Trading Platform Wisely

Profitable investment requires a brokerage service to meet your investing goals, educational needs, and learning process. Especially for beginners, choose the best online trading platform that fulfills your requirements. Choosing the right platform can determine the difference between getting an exciting passive income source and disappointment.

Here are the best selling books to trade like a champion and to make maximum profit.

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Some Top Trading Platforms For Investment In Stock Market

In India:

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  • Pioneer in discount broking and caused a massive disruption in the retail broking industry with its fixed pricing model.
  • Advanced trading platform, and innovative trading features.

In The USA: 

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  • Best for the overall experience.
  • Great for beginners.

Fidelity – Signup Now

  • Amazing for investment research.
  • Excellent for beginners.
  • Great mobile application for daily investors.

In the UK:

Plus500- Signup Now

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  • Competitive spread.
  • Top-rated application in the app store.

DeGiro- Signup Now

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Final Words 

How to make money in a stock isn’t a question but maintaining all the money and investing in safe funds is a real worry. Because your one mistake may land you into a huge loss, which you will never expect. So, Taking the help of an expert investor while investing your amount in stock will be a more suitable decision to avoid any big losses.

Learning ways to make money in stocks can provide you a passive income source. It may give you attractive returns if you invest your money appropriately in the stock market. 

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