How To Speak English Fluently – 30 Days Challenge

How To Speak English Fluently - 30 Days Challenge

If you have come across this post, you might probably be looking for a solution to a common question that is how to speak English fluently? English has emerged as a global language. It opens many doors for learning new things, excelling in career and academics as well. Fluency in your spoken English gives you confidence and better expressive skills. The key to winning a situation is communication. So, you need to develop both English and communication skills. This combo will help you in every situation in your life.

Learn How To Speak English Fluently and Improve Communication Skills

1. Start using English in your daily life

Start using English in your daily life conversations. Discussions with friends and family can help you a lot. While discussing something, your mind has to multitask with processing your opinion and infusing it to an impressive language.

At first, it might feel a bit odd, but gradually you will develop your pace, and it will become a habit to you. Play it as a game like a whole Sunday you will converse only in English. It will be an excellent learning experience for you and others. This is one of the best answers to a common question: how to speak English fluently?

2. Become a listener

Good Listener

It is not limited to learning English only. Still, listening is a trait that can be a vital part of getting success in overall life. 

Listening helps you understand what others are trying to express. Most of the unaware people don’t give it much importance; instead, they shout without paying attention to others. You should notice how people are speaking, what words, style, the tone they are using, and the pronunciations they make, the sentences they speak can help you a lot.

3. Invest time in it

Invest time in improving communication skills

Listening will help you improve your language processing skills, vocabulary, etc. and improve your communication skills. 

It is an obvious thing that you won’t become like a fluent American overnight. You will have to spend hours learning and practicing.

Usually, people start something with high motivation and gradually lose interest in it. After 10-15 days, they are on the same point. You will have to change your attitude towards learning. Instead of wondering how to speak English fluently or impossible, tell yourself,” Oh, I can do it.”

You will have to develop the habit of reading and speaking English every day. This habit will also help you with improving your communication skills.

4. Reading can help a lot

Book Reading helps in improving English

Speaking English fluently means expressing your thoughts in a better way, using sentences and phrases. Now reading conversations will train your mind about how to prepare a sentence while doing discussion. You can refer to books that provide basic conversations for beginners.

During discussion, you don’t have enough time to correct your grammar in your head. You have a few seconds to express your thoughts impressively. You will observe that listening and converting into your native language gives you a better understanding of the presented thought. The phrases and sentences you have read will act as building blocks of your new sentences.

5. Learn from mistakes

Learn From Mistakes

If you are making mistakes means you are learning. So, mistakes are acceptable while learning. You have to analyze what went wrong and avoid that situation again by correcting your error.
Ask a friend about it or the internet is always there. No doubt, we all make mistakes while learning but that for a short initial period. Your friends will know that you are trying your best, and they will support you to overcome your mistakes.

6. Step by Step approach

Step By Step Learning

The step by step approach is not a new thing or secret; it is the simple technique that we all used in kindergarten or primary schools to learn pretty much everything.

Start with basics. Don’t jump to grammar rules directly. Prepare a weekly study plan like the first week. You will only learn about are sentences, types, and sentences, the difference between phrases and clauses, etc. It would take hardly an hour or two. The rest of the time, you have to apply your knowledge in an everyday life situation or practice about that concept. You can find various applications for practice on the internet, like Buusu and Duolingo applications.

Similarly, hike the number of concepts and practicing time weekly and include speaking and reading after a few weeks of theoretical learning. This approach will improve your English fluency, but the daily speaking habit will also enhance your communication skills.

7. Practice in front of the mirror


Developing fluency in English takes a lot of practice. A lot of experienced people also hesitate when a real-life situation arises. 

Speaking in front of the mirror helps you to overcome that hesitation and stage fear in a broadway. You can get the experience and feel of a real-life conversation. By doing this, you will notice that your expressions aren’t synchronized. You can also enhance your body language, expressions, etc. while speaking. These factors play a vital role in the expression and delivery of your speech. It is an excellent way to improve communication skills.

8. Analysis


The analysis here refers to the improvement you have done over time. You will have to record your speeches and conversations regularly, like weekly. Now, after learning and practicing new things when you will compare your current situation, you will come to know how much you have improved and where you need to work more. 

The analysis is a critical ingredient of the learning process. You can also analyze by talking to yourself. It would help you to realize where you are making mistakes. You can work accordingly to improve your fluency in English. 

9. Find out your learning method

Find Learning Method

There are a lot of techniques available, but all are not suitable for you. As people are unique, so the learning capacity and grasping power are. Therefore, one must prepare a personalized learning technique to learn something and to yield the best results. Consider this is a typical winning hack to learn anything in your life.

10. Boost yourself with rewards

It is a widely used and known technique. Studies have shown that people who celebrate small achievements are more likely to make progress quicker than others. Every time you make a conversation successfully without any mistakes, reward yourself with something good. It will boost your morale and motivate you to do it more often.

You can reward yourself by watching an English movie or web series. It will again act as your training for the improvement of your English fluency. You will learn new words from it and also the expressions, tones, pronunciations, body language of the characters will be an excellent mental training of 1/2 hours for improvement of communication skills.

Final words

Along with following the above-listed steps, it is advised to follow a good YouTube channel for additional guidance and also to make a habit of book reading. Try to watch English movies and web series. Initially, with subtitles later, you will develop enough understanding of peace and speed.

Participate in public speaking, speak in front of your group or team. It will help you to overcome your hesitation and fear. Practice every day, and soon you will feel the difference, and instead of asking how to speak English fluently, you will say I can speak English fluently now. Not only English, but even you can also Learn New Skills with highly effective tips.

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