How To Start Affiliate Marketing With Amazon [Make $1000 Per Week]

Start Affiliate Marketing With Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest online marketplaces for both consumers and sellers. It is not limited to selling products online. Nowadays, a lot of people are making money with amazon. As there are various methods available on amazon known as amazon programs. One such popular method is amazon affiliate marketing or amazon associates. In this article, we will discuss the procedure to start affiliate marketing with amazon.

Amazon affiliate is a program where people with good social media influence can earn a commission. For that, one has to promote amazon products on their respective websites or social media. It is a popular and reliable program, and many people are already making the best use of it; hence it is reliable. In this article, we’ll see how to start amazon affiliate marketing for beginners.

There are some rules which you need to follow. 

Steps To Start Affiliate Marketing With Amazon For Beginners

How To Register For The Amazon Affiliate Program?

To start affiliate marketing with amazon, you have to create an affiliate account. The steps are mentioned below. These are the basic and necessary steps to start affiliate marketing with amazon.

1. Go To Amazon Associate’s Official Page To Start Affiliate Marketing.

Amazon Affiliate Page

● Open your browser and go to amazon associates official link and click on sign up for free. 

2. Fill Up The Registration Form.

● After clicking on the register button. A form will open, where you will have to enter your details. Like your name, contact number, e-mail, etc. 

● Give the link to your website or application to promote amazon products.

● In case you don’t have a website, you can also provide your social media profile link. It is advised to have a blog so that you can earn from AdSense and affiliate links.

● Upload your ID proof. 

● Select the types of products you want to promote, like books, mobile phones, laptops, etc. if you’re going to start affiliate marketing with amazon, you will have to research and analyze your audiences and their interests. You will earn when you promote products to the right type of audience.

● Now you have to provide details about your website like the number of visitors, average, monthly visitors, etc. Having a good audience is a must to start affiliate marketing with amazon. Your way of presentation and creativity will also come into play here.

● Almost done with the form, enter your contact number and click on call me now. You will get a pin, and your account is created. This is how we create an amazon affiliate account. 

This is an essential guide on amazon affiliate marketing for beginners.

3. Generate Affiliate Links.

Login in to your associate’s account you will land on to your personal associates’ home page. A dashboard will appear with a couple of analytics like your earning this month, total earnings, total clicks, etc. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to generate affiliate links,

  • On the top side of the page, you will see a product linking button. Click on it and enter the product name in the search bar or the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number).
  • After entering the product name or ASIN, click on the Go button.
  • At the bottom of the page, you will get a generated result. Now select the type of link you want, like only text, image over links, etc. 
  • Now you have generated your amazon affiliate link, which you can directly insert in your site or social media posts.
  • We can also use the site to stripe an alternative method to generate links.

Generate Links Simply With SiteStripe.

Read more about SiteStripe.

How To generate links?

  • Click on the site stripe button.
  • Select your product.
  • A popup will appear with a link embedded in HTML code, which can be used directly on your website.

4. Promote Your Products.

  • Now you need to promote the products and provide your affiliate links so that more and more people visit through your links. Bloggers, Website owners, YouTubers, and people with followers on social media can easily make money with amazon affiliate marketing. 
  • As a beginner, you can start with low budget simple products and do giveaways and affiliate links. The quality of your content will play a key role here. Whether you post blogs or make YouTube videos. Just try to impress and attract people with your content quality. By this, people will trust you and tend to buy products from your links.
  • Post your affiliate links on social media with product reviews etc. these are some simple but effective ways to make $1000 per week or more with amazon affiliate marketing for beginners.
  • An important thing which you should always keep in mind is that posting links on offline PDFs and e-books is against Amazon policies. 
  • One time account activation is valid for 180 days, during which you have to make at least one sale to keep the account active. If your account expires you will have to reapply.


It is advised to have a perfect strategy to start affiliate marketing with amazon. It will be beneficial for the long run if you do some research, analysis, and hard work initially. I hope this article will be a one-stop solution for amazon affiliate marketing for beginners. 

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